Review of Virtual Games on Steam


Virtual reality or VR games are the future of gaming industry and Steam is trying to be a leader in such distribution. VR games are brand new fashion,you can find good titles for your pc or console and experience the future of gaming – right now! We tried several games and here is our experience:

Ocean, deep ocean – Subnautica

Subnautica is one of the best VR games available today as it fully uses hardware possibilities of VR device. It is underwater exploration game with wonderful graphics, smooth movements and wonderful atmosphere. Subnautica offers large open world map with huge variety of usable items. You will definitely enjoy in magical underwater exploration filled with vivid colors and pleasant music. This game is our favorite pick for the best VR experience you can get on Steam in this moment.

Defend your base – Out of Ammo

Virtual reality games will surely expand into real warfare battles and “Out of Ammo” is a game that is counting on that. It is basically tower defense game with a twist; you can almost jump into the first line on defense and guard your base from endless hordes of intruders. Not just that, but you will be able to build different structures in the game like sandbags or towers. In some sense it is an interesting mixture of managing and strategy elements, but they are just a perfect blend, helping each other to create really intense gameplay. The game is very simple, but the developers are very active by providing new content, so you can expect new levels and entire battlegrounds as regular downloadable content.

Virtual exploration – The Solus Project

The Solus project is one of the best and most immersive exploration VR games that you can find on Steam. It is survival game placed on a distant planet where you need to explore the environment to stay alive and advance. It offers beautiful, vivid world, wonderful caverns and mountains, especially made for VR gamers. It is a survival game, but the Solus Project also offers RPG elements in forms of basic combat and character development.

The perfect RPG – Vanishing Realms

If you are a fan of role-play games, you simply must try Vanishing Realms as it is the most detailed RPG experience that you may have in virtual reality. Once when you equip your sword and shield you will really feel like a hero in shining armor. A combat is real masterpiece where every swing of your sword counts and every action is important. You are able to dodge attacks or block arrows with a shield. Detailed panoramic fields and deep caverns will impress you, so grab this game and you will have real RPG fun.

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