The most anticipated steam games – early 2017

New upcoming games 2017 on steam

If you enjoy playing video games, there’s just no way you can avoid playing at least some of them on Steam. As you already know, Steam is a platform which has many amazing features. Besides giving us the ability to try games for free, buy them or play them online, it also allows us to be more social and connected with our friends. However, there is one part of the steam platform that can be improved further. There is just no clear indication on which games will be coming out in the next year or two. I had a real hard time finding out which games I can anticipate in the foreseeable future while I was browsing the steam store, and I’m quite sure you did too. If you do not follow any of the leading websites that announce new games and their release dates, you might quite easily get caught unprepared for the arrival of some of the best games. So, in order to help you better prepare yourself for sales or major release dates, I’ve taken it upon myself to list just a few of the games I am certainly going to save up money for.

     1.For Honor

This game features brutal medieval combat play-style. You can choose to play as a Knight, Samurai or a Viking. Each of these factions has two different classes. One portrays a brute and the other a more agile fighter. This game can be played one on one (a duel), two on two (a brawl) or four on four (dominion).

No matter which mode you choose to play, there is just no way that you won’t fully enjoy the game and have a lot of fun. It’s rated 18+ so you know that you can expect some blood and gore from it. The gameplay is very well done, and it’s not a boring one trick pony where you spam an attack and kill the opponent. It requires good coordination between blocking attacks and attacking. For honor is set to be released on the 14th February 2017.

     2. Tekken 7

Who doesn’t know this old classic? One of the most important games of my childhood and I’m not that young anymore. This game has been with us for some twenty years, and you know that only good things can last this long otherwise, they would’ve been long forgotten. For those of you who never played Tekken, either wait for this amazing release or try some of the previous versions, you won’t be disappointed. Coming out in early 2017.

     3.Resident Evil 7

This is a horror game, and it has also been with us for a long time. Resident Evil is also a movie which is one of the best known of its genre. If you’re scared easily or dislike zombies, avoid it at any cost. However, if horror games are your thing, this will blow your mind. In order not to spoil anything, I will just say; it comes out on 24th January 2017. Grab it as fast as you can.

If you really want to play these games or any other but you’re short on money, there is always a way for you to purchase them. Some websites like points2shop offer various tasks you can complete in order to get points on their website. These points you can then exchange for a bunch of different things, amongst which are also steam wallet gift cards. This way you can get your steam wallet code and purchase some of these games without spending a dime.

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